Planning a wedding can feel pretty overwhelming at times. While couples often hire professionals to help manage their wedding plans, there are plenty of reasons why they might also opt to take on the majority of the responsibilities on their own, too. Maybe they're working with a tight wedding planning budget or maybe they simply love all of the DIY possibilities—in any case, it's a lot of extra details, but it is possible to plan the wedding of your dreams on your own. Organization is key to keeping everything on track when you’re faced with decisions, lists, deadlines, and everyday life. The first step is making sure to give yourselves plenty of time for wedding planning. A longer timeline is your friend here—aim for around a year, if possible. And don’t forget to involve your significant other in this step, as well. Your wedding should represent both of you, together as a couple.


The roles of IT in an organisation can be few or extensive, depending on the type of operation a company runs. Companies that use digital communications to gain customers and deliver products and services rely heavily on the IT department for almost every vital business operation. For example, such organisations require 24/7 internet access to function optimally. The websites, social media channels and other digital platforms of such companies cannot suffer any downtime as customers and prospects may be unable to reach them. Brick-and-mortar businesses also rely on IT for certain functions, such as basic record keeping and the operation of office equipment. The scale of an organisation's IT department and operations depends on their size and business model. In small and medium-sized businesses, a single employee may be in charge of IT functions. Larger organisations can have full-fledged IT departments with several specialists and professionals.

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weddings aren’t a sprint—they’re a marathon. Beyond the ceremony and reception, there are many additional opportunities to bring family members and loved ones together in celebration, and they sometimes begin the very day you get engaged. With help from two experts, Ani Sandhu and Kaitlin Przezdziecki, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about the most common pre and post-wedding events.



SAS was traditionally created by the women of various communities in the Mithila region of the Indian subcontinent. It originated from Madhubani district of the Mithila region of Bihar. Madhubani is also a major export center of these paintings.[1] This painting as a form of wall art was practiced widely throughout the region; the more recent development of painting on paper and canvas mainly originated among the villages around Madhubani, and it is these latter developments that led to the term "Madhubani art" being used alongside "Mithila Painting.



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